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These items are stocked and available:

ProductPriceCatalog No.
DMEM/ F12 (1x)$14.0011320082
GeneRuler 1kb DNA Ladder$86.00SM0311
L-Glutamine (200mM)$17.0025030081
MEM (1x)$34.0011095072
mMessage mMachine SP6 Transcription Kit$451.00AM1340
Nuclease-free Water$11.00AM9937
Nunc 1.8mL Cryo Vial$1273.00375418
Opti-MEM (1x)$34.0051985034
PBS (1x)$9.0010010049
PBS (10x)$22.0070011069
Poly(A) Tailing Kit$223.00AM1350
Spectra Multicolor Broad Range Protein Ladder$136.0026634
Schneider's Drosphila Medium$55.0021720001
SYBR Safe DNA gel Stain$69.00S33102
UltraPure Distilled Water$32.0010977015


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